Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Congratulations to running4him, who was the default winner of last Tuesday's competition: describe something beautiful in 100 words or less.

running4him shared an excerpt from their WiP which fit the criteria of the competition, and here it is:
"True, she was graceful and beautiful, yet what caught the eye was her overpowering majesty. At once Caleb realized this was the horse he had been waiting for... With movement akin to waves on some forgotten sea, and an auburn mane flowing down her neck softer than the snowflakes which settled around her slim legs, all other appaloosa in Smewasin Territory paled in comparison. Even her leopard coat was silkier than his own rabbit fur gloves. But what startled Caleb was her eyes; icy, piercing, ancient - as if when he gazed into them he saw..." -Mack Isbell
running4him now has bragging rights! Yay!

Thanks for your participation, and maybe I'll wait until I have a few more followers before I run another competition.  :)

- Bonnee.


  1. Oops! I did mean to do something, but the time just slipped away away away, sorry, Bonnee. But a lovely excerpt from running4him--well done!

    1. Not to worry, haha I should have put a reminder in the previous blog entry, but I completely forgot!

  2. Congratulations to running4him too ! :)
    see you bonnee ! Hope all is ok for u.

    1. Thanks dear :) All is well for me, as I hope it is for you too. xx


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