Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My most recent writing prompt from a friend was to write about a gumball's journey to find his long lost brother. I think I did pretty well making a short story out of that.

In other news, the awesome person I gave a copy of my story to has been doing his reading and giving feedback and I've repaid him by reading a short story of his and editing it. It was pretty cool. I enjoyed it and I'm liking the arrangement.

I love editing, guys.

Peace out.
- Bon xx

Monday, December 12, 2011

An Idea of How Much I've Written

If you don't feel like reading much, just pay attention to the stuff in bold. 

I keep everything I write these days... and save multiple copies of it in different places. Three different places. One copy on my laptop, one copy on my every-day-use memory stick, and one copy on an emergency memory stick which I tend to forget to update.

Having said that, I'm a bit of a neat-freak, and when you have THAT MANY Word Documents in one big folder, things tend to get a bit hectic. I solve this problem by dividing my writing folder up into more manageable sub-folders:

  • Evergreen, where I currently keep all of the files related to the two novels I've written/I'm writing, Evergreen: A Fallen Star and Evergreen: Thorn of the Heart. This includes the full manuscript, synopsis and cover letter to the first novel, the original story-lines, chapter planners, fragment and ideas and chapters written out in separate documents, both the first drafts and the final drafts. The two stories themselves have their own personal folders, respectively titled, within the Evergreen folder. There are about 76 Word Documents in this folder, and counting.

  • Short Stories, where, obviously, I keep a record of all the the short stories I've written. Directly inside this folder, there is another folder titled The Garden Swing and Other Stories, which I one day hope to call my first collection of published short stories. This folder holds 21 documents containing short stories I've written; MOST, of which are complete.

  • Songs and Poems, is one which I don't touch so often anymore, especially not the Songs side of it. There are 103 poems (including 13 Haiku), 101 songs, and one other document containing random lines that I might incorporate into another song or poem at some point. So this folder has a grand total of 205 documents! 

  • Last of all, Summer Projects, which contains 15 documents worth of story-lines, some of which might have hope of one day becoming novels, and another 9 folders containing documents of briefly-started or partially-written novels, (including Demolition Lovers, which I mentioned in my first blog-post). There are 52 documents floating around in there! 
Of course there's a bit more, but nothing worth mentioning here. I'm just telling you the important stuff here. All of the above would suggest that there are 354 Word Documents on my laptop that range from being somewhat mildly important to of extreme importance... and this suggestion would be correct. The number will continue to rise over time, I'm sure. :)

So there's a little more insight into my stuff! Like it? You better!

Peace out,
- Bon xx

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