Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Introduction to The Author

So I figured I'd start a blog to keep people updated with my writing. I guess I better say a bit about myself for those who don't know me so well. 

The Basics:
The name is Bon, I live in Australia and I'm about to start my last year of high-school. After I finish high-school, I hope to go to university, get some sort of BA degree and work as an editor. I hope to work for a fiction publisher or maybe even as someone aspiring writers send their manuscripts to for proofreading before it goes to a publisher. 

My Writing:
I've been into writing for a few years and I want to get published. I write constantly; short stories, flash fiction, poetry and novels. I have finished one novel which I've sent in to Penguin in the hopes of getting published, but I haven't heard back yet. In the meantime, I have started a new novel (a sequel to the first) and hope to get it published after the first one. 

My First Novel:
The first draft was 23 chapters long and a little over 80,000 words. 
Before I sent it in for consideration at Penguin, I edited it up to 37 chapters, and just short of 78,000 words. I won't give any huge spoilers, but in short, it is about three kids saving the world and set in an alternate universe which is largely influenced by our world's Asian cultures, particularly Japanese/Chinese. 
Title: Evergreen: A Fallen Star
Genre: Fantasy/Family. 
Target Audience: Teenagers and Young Adults.
Status: Complete, Not Published. 

My Second Novel - The Sequel:
This is currently in-progress. I have the first draft of the first 5 and a half chapters written and several more chapters plan. I know what I want to happen in the story, but planning and writing are still BOTH underway. The sequel, in short, is about three kids - the same three from the first novel - saving each other. Actually, it's much more complicated than that, but I can't explain it sufficiently without spoiling the first novel. 
Title: Evergreen: Thorns of the Heart
Genre: Fantasy/Family
Target Audience: Teenagers and Young Adults
Status: In Progress. 

Another Novel: 
This one has nothing to do with either of the other two I've mentioned. It's something I've started and been working on every now and then. I have the first 3 chapters written and an incomplete, rough outline of the rest of the plot which I will finish and divide into chapters when I'm not focusing on the other novels. At the moment, it is named after and inspired by the song 'Demolition Lovers' by My Chemical Romance, and I've had many ideas for it because of the band and some of their other songs. At the moment, it's about some troubled teenagers finding their place in the world with help from each other. 
Title: Demolition Lovers
Genre: Action/Romance
Target Audience: Teenagers and Young Adults
Status: In Progress. 

Other Writing:
As I said earlier, I do a lot of short stories, flash fiction and poetry. This is mostly for fun and to keep myself writing when I'm not concentrating on a novel. For the most part, I'll direct all this myself, but recently I've been encouraging friends and peers to give me writing prompts, topics and requests. Anything that I particularly like is kept and once I've published a novel or two, I hope to also publish a collection of short stories or poems. I also have ideas, outlines and plans for a few other novels that I hope to write and publish at some point. 

So that's what this blog is going to be about, just in a nutshell. Me and my writing. I'll just randomly tell you about new ideas, my progress, and let you know if I get anything published. 

Peace out.
- Bon xx

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