Friday, May 4, 2012

The Path Ahead

Lazy people just read the bold stuff. 

My school took the VCE* students to The Age VCE and Careers Expo today. Pretty much there were little stalls from most of the universities and TAFEs and other tertiary institutes with information, and a few full of past exams and study-guides. I'd done a bit of research before today on universities and other places that might have courses I could be interested in and headed straight to where those places were set up at the expo.

And HERE are options for my future after talking with a few people today! 

Australian Catholic University (Melbourne) offers a Creative Arts course that while is not EXACTLY what I was after, could be tailored to suit me. Probably not my absolutely first option but certainly not my last either.

Deakin University (Geelong/Melbourne) offer a Professional and Creative Writing course. The people at the stall were pretty helpful and encouraging. It's up there in my preferences for sure.

La Trobe University (Melbourne) offers a Creative Arts course which the lady at the stall who spoke to me explained (while showing me evidence in the course guide) that it's a very flexible course which could be tailored to suit someone interested in just about any area in the creative arts area... even little writer me!

RMIT University (City) offers a Creative Writing course. Now this one is not so simple; RMIT is a pretty big achievement, and the fella I talked to from the university told me that the class is usually very small and select (around 20 or so people) and rather than students being admitted from their scores from their final years, selection is based on a portfolio of writing and an interview (or something along those lines). He asked me how much writing I'd actually done, because they generally take more mature aged students than fresh-out-of-high-school kids like me... but when I told him about Evergreen he just sort of gawked at me and told me to go for it, because I might just have a chance after all! So... that was pretty encouraging... I won't get my hopes up but I will definitely try! I will seriously be blown away if I get into this course. 

Victoria University (Footscray Park) offers a Creative Arts Industry course which I might find useful. If I remember correctly, the girl I spoke to from this university was quite helpful and also explained to me how I could also go on to do my honours degree (I'm not exactly sure what that entails but I'm guessing it's a good thing and the next step up from the initial degree!) through the university. I'm pretty sure it was for Victoria University anyway... don't quote me on that one, I just know that do offer the Creative Arts Industry course...

I was even smart enough to look into some TAFE courses, just to keep my options open (though I'll definitely be going to a university if I can). Box Hill Institute of TAFE (Whitehorse), Chisholm Institute (Frankston), and Holmsglen (Chadstone) all offer a Professional Writing and Editing course. The Chisholm one in particular caught my eye; the lady I spoke to there had actually done the course and was so enthusiastic to and encouraging, really helpful, answered all of my questions... we had a good old chat! But I'll definitely be aiming for a university before a TAFE.

Aah... sorry for the rant! I just had to share how good I feel about my future with someone, and I figured that if anyone cared enough they'd read it for themselves or click away. Good job for those of you who got this far. Virtual chocolate cake for you.

Thoughts, anyone? 

- Bonnee.

* VCE stands for Victorian Certificate of Education for those who hadn't caught on from elsewhere in the world. Pretty much, high-school kids in their last two years, yr 11 and 12, senior years, whatever it is they're called where you come from...


  1. Deakin and VU sound like the best of those options...

    1. They both sound good, but why do you say those two specifically? :)

    2. Both seem to cater specifically to those who have an interest in the entire industry, rather than simply those who want to express themselves creatively. Therefore, I am betting they give you better links to real-world people in the industry which will correlate to better opportunities for employment.

    3. Fair enough then! I'll pop them at the top of the list :) Thanks for that Mr G! :)

  2. Sounds great, and I'm glad to hear you being so positive and excited about the future. Absolutely try to get into the RMIT program. What's the worst that can happen? Yeah, rejection can and does hurt, but your attitude seems pretty solid, and you're going in knowing it's a longshot.

    I'm in the US. My daughter is now in the last two months of her senior year and will enter college in September. What is the timetable on the Australian school year?

    Good luck, and by the way, what's TAFE stand for?

    1. Thanks for your encouragement JeffO :)

      The Australian school year for high-school kids generally starts in late January/early February, and usually ends sometime in late November to mid-December (the exception being for students in the final two years, who might finish a bit earlier, but it's usually the yr 12s. I finish classes some time in October, though I still have exams during November). University students generally start around March, and I'm not so sure when they finish, I think it's around October/November. Hope that answers your question :)

      TAFE stands for Technical And Further Education. They do stuff like hospitality, beauty therapy, hairdressing, interior design, child/aged care... I don't know as much about them, but I think they're more directed at getting their students into particular industries with specific qualifications.

    2. You did, on both counts, thank you.

      Enjoy your final year. It can be a very special time.

  3. Hi Bonnee, are you applying to a University now, or applying to a place between High School and University? The fact that you have a complete novel, Evergreen, is a great achievement, so your chances to get in RMIT are very good. They will be impressed with your writing record at such young age.
    It seems that you live in Melbourne, so I wonder why you don't also apply also University of Melbourne?
    I don't know much about Australia. Is the tuition vlow? Maybe one place will give you a scholarship.
    Really, good luck in pursuing your goal to be published writer of many books.

    1. I'm not applying for anything just now, I'm in that last year of high-school and will be applying for University later in the year (my school year ends around October). I hope you and everyone else who has been so encouraging is right about the RMIT business. :)

      I don't quite live in Melbourne. I'm a few hours out. The University of Melbourne has an Arts course in which I can major in Creative Writing, and it looks quite interesting (I'm not sure how I overlooked it up until now, thank you for compelling me to Google it). I think I'll have to add it to my list. I was iffy at first when I read it because there was NOTHING ELSE to do with writing aside from that one major, but the course says one major is all I have to do, I don't have to do any minors... interesting... :)

      I have no clue about tuition, but if things stay as they are then most kids are eligible for government help. I can only hope for a scholarship.

  4. Here is one ranking of Australian Universities, and University of Melobourne is at the top

    It's ranking 37 in the world, which is very impressive. But there are other different rankings. You'll probably need good grades to get in.

    Their BA degree in Creative Writing is comprehensive, teaching you to write fiction, non fiction, poetry ect. and also about editing and publishing.

    1. It looks like a good shot, I'll have to check out the requirements.

  5. How exciting to have your whole future ahead! Looks bright! (=

  6. I feel your pain!!! I am going through some similar things at the moment as well. Most of your options sound good, but I would look into the actual atmosphere of your top options more. Just because they have a good program and professors , does not mean that the atmosphere is what you need to really excel and learn all you can. Just my stupid opinion though!!!

    1. Not a stupid opinion at all! I want to go to as many of the open days as I can for exactly this purpose. :)


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