Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writer Role-Play: With Hana Brightside

In the same conversation about Evergreen: A Fallen Star with my friend Hana, which I spoke about last blog entry, I went on to admit that whenever I did writer role-play to develop characters and plot, I usually became Chihiro. Then I had to explain writer role-play... me and my big mouth.

Writer role-play, as far as I take it and use it, is when an author acts out the part or parts of one of their characters. This could be anything from a conversation to an action scene, and the process could be repeated with changes until the author is satisfied they have created something worth adding to their story.  

I think of it in terms of drama, which I studied at school as one of my final subjects. It's like a private improvisation work-shop where you get to theatrically explore and develop your characters. I find that if I am having trouble doing this on paper, an activity like this will give me a bit of a boost. I can establish my character's voice, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and I can explore their moods and reactions to circumstances on a physical level. Or I can literally talk myself through a conversation with them until they say what I want them to say, rather than having to backspace every time I write it and am not happy with it.

Has anyone else out there tried writer role-play or something similar?

My next blog entry will be about a particular experience of my own, so stay tuned.

- Bonnee.


  1. I love reading through your blog, it's fascinating how well you can portray other characters, I'm sure the drama classes helped!
    I will stay tuned and thanks for creating something actually worth reading on here! :)

    1. Well I'm glad that someone thinks so, and thank you so much for commenting! I believe honesty is the key to many things worth reading (I should talk about that in another blog-post some time).

  2. How did I just see this? Ha! :)

    1. LOL :) It was too interesting NOT to share :D


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