Saturday, March 3, 2012

Relating to Your Characters: With Hana Brightside

My friend Hana, a fellow young writer, asked me recently what my novel was about and so I began to explain Evergreen: A Fallen Star to her. She was kind enough to ask about the main character(s) and then asked me which one I related to most. 

I'll share my answer here: of the three main characters, I relate most to Chihiro. Not because she is based on me, but because she is someone I strive to be like. I will admit that she was originally based on me, but she is a far more awesome version of myself which hasn't been fully generated into reality... yet. 

Chihiro: The 19-year-old older sister of the Imperial siblings. Chihiro is a motherly figure for her younger brother and sister and an understanding, thoughtful friend whom they confide in and often receive good advice from. She is strong willed, influential, intelligent and the immediate heir to the Imperial Throne providing she marries before the responsibility is passed down. 

More information about Evergreen and it's characters can be found in a previous blog entry here.

- Bonnee. 


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