Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unsolicited Manuscripts

It always bugs me that I'm not 100% sure what publisher mean when they say "No unsolicited manuscripts", but after Googling it and finding a new blog of a published children's author to follow after reading these two posts, I think I have a much better understanding.

So here are couple more useful links for my fellow writer friends, and some more knowledge for those who care to know it: 


I feel a lot better in reading these blogs, I actually feel like I know a little more... AND I have a new publisher to look in to. 

But seeing as I haven't heard back from Penguin at this point (and seeing as it's been four months since I sent them my manuscript), I figured I'd redraft my novel, Evergreen: A Fallen Star, and then send it into Allen & Unwin - The Friday Pitch for assessment and another shot at getting published... I'm also going to work on getting an agent to help me out. 

Wish me luck everybody! Bon voyage!
- Bonnee.

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