Thursday, January 26, 2012


What's my favourite genre? Probably fantasy. Yeah, definitely fantasy.

Ya know what the first book I have to read for my Literature Units 3/4 is?

Emma, by Jane Austen.

I have been labouring over this horrific excuse for good literature for the majority of my summer holidays and it's finally almost over... and by over, I mean I've almost finished reading it. It's actually very far from over, so someone please come and shoot me now because this is the most boring book in the world, or as one of my friends said, "Emma is the shittiest shit that ever shat." ... or something along those lines anywho.

Hopefully, the reading will be finished by tomorrow night and I can start the book I'm studying for English Units 3/4, which is The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif by Najaf Mazari and Robert Hillman. The English group who studied it last year said it was pretty alright, and from what I've been told about it it doesn't seem too bad.

Claim to fame: I met Najaf Mazari  and Robert Hillman themselves last year. First published authors I'd ever met.


  1. Emma...oh the things I could rant about that horrible piece of Mills and Boone. It is only counted as "literature" by those who define the term as "books written before the turn of the 20th Century".... I "studied" it for my year 12. And by "study" I mean "I read the sparknotes and watched Clueless"

  2. Oh PS. No, fantasy is often just as bad.

    1. Most things written before the turn of the 20th Century are to labourious for anyone with a life to be bothered reading, even if they do enjoy that sort of stuff. I doubt I'll read it a second time; spark notes and other such reference material, here I come! Clueless is also good. :)

      PS, Each to their own, I guess :3


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