Saturday, October 14, 2017

Click Save

I made myself soooooo mad this week by being an absolute dumbarse. Now I must share this frustration with you.

I got a good couple of lines of poetry stuck in my brain one night and saved it in the notes on my phone so that I wouldn't forget. So far, so good.

At work the next day, there was a bit of idle time between calls so I thought I'd have a crack at making something from the two lines I'd thought of. Now, for some dumb reason Google Docs, Drive and Gmail got blocked at my work a couple of months back even though all the contractors like me have a work email THROUGH GMAIL. Anyway, I'm used to using Google Docs if I'm writing in a browser, but I had to find something else to use since it was blocked at work. I ended up settling on Calmly Writer, which I kinda love.

I put together a couple of stanzas I was happy with (I won't say it was good, I'm sure it was terrible). And then the phones got busy so I minimised the browser and forgot about it. Then at the end of my shift, I closed the browser out of habit ...

Without saving the damn poetry.

I realised my mistake, but alas, it was too late. This app does not auto-save like Google Docs. My (terrible) poetry was gone. 

In memory of writing lost, please share your saving failures and tales of writing long gone.


  1. Usually mine have to do with browser crashes.
    Or hard drive crashes.

    1. I have thankfully never had an experience like that. Though during NaNoWriMo a couple of years back, my laptop battery fried itself and switched off while I was mid sentence in Word and I lost a few hundred words. That's when I switched to Google Docs.

  2. Within the last two years, my computer started crashing at all kinds of odd times for no apparent reason. I self-diagnosed it as either: bad power supply (replaced--nope); failing motherboard; overheating. I believe it was the MoBo (machine was 5+ years old). I never truly lost a documenet, but I often lost what I had been working on for the last fifteen, twenty minutes. FORTUNATELY my wife has an expansion drive and I loaded everything from my machine onto that. A few weeks later, the computer just would not boot at all. I have my autosave set for ridiculously short intervals, and I hit Save ridiculously often.

    Bigger issue for me is having too many different versions of one thing lying around, making it difficult to find when I actually need to remember about that scene in the restaurant I really liked and can't quite remember how it went....

    1. Ooh, the version control trap! I made a folder for previous drafts and shift old files in there as I save the newest version. For essays, I put a date on them to help.

      Lucky your wife had an expansion drive handy!

  3. Aaaargh! Losing work is so frustrating.


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