Thursday, October 13, 2016

Keeping it Tea-gether

My sister came down with tonsillitis last week and my immune system is doing everything it can to stop me from coming down with it too. I've been coughing and waking up with a sore throat since the weekend and producing more snot and phlegm than usual, but I have not let it knock me down. Hopefully I'm past the thick of it and will start feeling better soon.

I had a stroke of luck over the weekend and scored an interview for a content writing position. But in the end, I decided it wasn't for me—the recruiter was a self-publishing platform, and the deal-breaker for me was that there was no editing process. As an editor, I didn't feel comfortable signing up for that, so after a 45 minutes Skype interview I decided to withdraw.

I also decided to start writing a review of all the tea in my cupboard. Incredibly pretentious, I know, but I needed to write about something and thought it would be good for a bit of fun. I own 10 different types of tea at the moment and am constantly looking for more. I have a problem. Don't judge me.

Otherwise, this week has been mostly dedicated to working. Lots of working. I think it's dangerous for a writer to work in an academic library, especially at a university with a good writing and literature course. Even though my studies are over (for now), I still managed to come home with four library books about editing and literature in the past fortnight. Oh well.

How are your writerly lives going? 



  1. Good on you for sticking to standards! Sadly, in this on-demand world, I suspect more and more sites are going without editors, and it shows. The mantra seems to be "get it up there, get some clicks, we can fix it (or not) later."

    I'm back in one of those drifty periods, half-in, half-out on two projects. Need to bear down. Keep healthy!

  2. No editing process? That's crazy. I'm glad you stepped away from it. We need more editing on indie works, not less.

  3. You only have 10?
    Slacker :P

  4. Jeff: I just can't reconcile myself with that! Even on news sites--it's only going to take a few minutes, maybe a couple of hours, for an extra set of eyes to go over a piece before it goes live, is that so bad?

    Donna: I totally agree! I think it would help to remove some of the lingering negative stigmas around indie publishing too.

    Andrew: Yes, yes, I know! I need more. I will work on my tea collection and keep you updated :)

  5. The complete lack of editing would worry me too. Think you made the right choice.

  6. My writing right now is pretty much exclusively for school. It includes (but is not limited to): digital poems, essays about digital poetry/digital poems, essays and blog posts about the digital humanities in general, short compositions in French, and plays.

  7. Patsy: I think so too, thank you.

    Patrick: I hope you find time for your own writing soon, but glad to hear you're producing creative work for school.


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