Saturday, March 8, 2014

Words You Are Proud Of

Have you ever gone over something you've written and said to yourself, wow, did I write that? But it's so good! 

It could have been one sentence, or a couple of words of dialogue that suited your character perfectly. It could have been a few lines, or a whole paragraph. Or maybe you were blown away by a whole piece that you wrote and didn't realise the awesomeness of at the time.

I was reading through some of my writing from last year and I came across the piece that was published in the Imagine 2013 journal by my university and I found a few lines that I realised I really loved.

"Why did we choose this life?" she whispers over the conundrum of waves and wind and rain. Her eyes rest on the sky, unfocused.
"Because we were more afraid of death than we were of eternity."
"I hate eternity."
Of course, it sounds way cooler in context. I don't know why, I am just really proud of those few lines.

Anyone care to share a line or two of something you wrote that you're really proud of? 

- Bonnee.


  1. I remember that--I liked that piece.

    Nothing of my own comes immediately to mind. That's not to say I don't like my writing, because I sometimes do, it's just nothing is jumping in. It is nice to find something of yours that you like, isn't it?

    1. It's nice when something jumps out like that. Thanks for visiting, Jeff :)

  2. My best traditionally-published snippet from "Her Eyes" (published by

    "I gazed into her irises. 'Yes,' I said, my voice strong and blissful.

    Her eyes glowed in the darkness. The pupils could have been ethereal pinpricks, islands in the midst of vibrant yellow oceans."

    I've probably written some better prose, but nothing comes immediately to mind.

    1. Nice description there. Thanks for sharing, Patrick :)

  3. I love your snippet -- makes me want to know more about the whole piece! :)

  4. I read again your short story, and already in the first sentences you can see that you write well, using words and sentences that others (at least me) are unable to write. I think that literary agents will like your style of writing, but you will find out. My writing is simpler. The response of being more afraid of death than of eternity is cool. It makes readers think. I'm proud that I wrote two long novels and completed them. I don't recall any sentences that I like a lot, but I like the storyline of both novels. I see that you have another blog about Philosophy and the first posts are about Love. Great topic. I'm going to read them slowly and will comment. Do you take the YA Literature this semester or next? I like to learn what they teach you about YA literature.

    1. Thanks Giora, I'm really glad you think so! I hope so haha. The idea of death vs eternity is something that's come up in a few of my classes and the story the excerpt is from was partially in response to a discussion we'd had in one of my philosophy classes last year. I think that if you're proud of your story overall, then it's a good sign! The philosophy blog I made is mostly just to store my notes from last year, so I can get rid of the paper and use the folder again this year. I have my children's literature class (literature for children and young adults) today. I'll have to work out how I'm going to blog all four of my classes to you guys, seeing as everything this semester is writing-based... stay tuned and thank you for reading!


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