Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Melbourne Writers Festival: 'Verandah twenty-eight' launch

So a couple of weekends ago, I went to the Melbourne Writers Festival event for the launch of the Deakin run literary journal Verandah, which was releasing it's 28th annual edition. I got to explore the inner workings of Federation Square to locate the venue. That was interesting. Eventually, I found the place and I made it there on time and had a bit of an adventure and plenty of fun along the way.

I stumbled upon the event 'Words On The Square' in my search. Giant outdoor Scrabble, yay!

The Verandah launch ran for around 40 minutes and it was a nice first experience. I've never been to any sort of launch before. A few of the people who had taken part in assembling this years edition spoke, one of the girls did a live music performance, the artwork that is featured in the journal was being played in a slideshow, and a couple of the lucky people who had something published in the journal had a chance to read their piece. It was a really nice environment! (Except for that guy who quite obviously only came for the free food and ate very loudly and messily for the entire event... he smelled really bad too.)

So after the formal part of the event was over and it was down to socialising and just celebrating, I got myself a copy of the new edition of Verandah and headed over to Flinders Street Station, just across the road, planning to catch the next train back to my hometown (I hadn't been home for a few weeks). It was a Saturday, and as I got to the station, I realised I'd looked at the Friday timetable and had actually just missed my train. As in, I saw it leave as I walked into the station. Oops! Double checking the timetable, the next rain wasn't for more than an hour. So what did I do for the next hour? I wander around Melbourne and take random photos on my phone! Yay!

St. Paul's Cathedral
There were police cars and stuff randomly going past in a hurry when I was taking this one. Also, for some reason, whenever I see St. Paul's Cathedral in the dark, I half expect to see Batman crouching somewhere up there, watching over the CBD. 

Flinders Street Station
I did a lot of loitering around here. I didn't want to stray too far from the station in case I missed the next train too, or in case I got stabbed. 

The Yarra River and Southbank
This photo was taken from the bridge on St. Kilda Road. I kept feeling like I was going to accidentally drop my phone into the water or something stupid, but I wanted you to see all the pretty lights! 

Southbank and the Eureka Tower
More pretty lights! And the tall building up the back is the Eureka Tower. 

Yarra River and the bridge on St. Kilda Road
I stood on that bridge to that the previous two photos. I'm pretty sure I nearly got stabbed going down to the river's edge to take this photo... 

More pretty lights!
Can you guys tell that I love pretty lights? 

Eureka Tower (again)
Aaaaand then I legged it back up to St. Kilda Road and went back to Flinders Street Station, because there was a real stabby sort of vibe down by the water's edge. I'll have to take another adventure in the daytime with more photos to share with you all. 

On a different note: the poem I had published in the Deakin Writers Club magazine last month can now be read on Goodreads. Check it out :)

Been to any launches lately? Ever played giant out-door Scrabble? Had a random adventure around Melbourne (or your own local city) recently? 

- Bonnee.


  1. Nice photos. Are there boat rides on the Yarra River?
    I like your short poem, and I;m not into poems. Especially I like the lines "Fingertips unzip" and "Ties the poisoned tongue."
    In the US they are looking for poems confronting serious illness and loss. See if you can write a short poem about it, they might like to have someone all the way from Australia.
    And many your friends at Deakin Writers Club or the readers of this blog can send as well.
    Check this blog for information by Tanya Chernov.

    1. There are boat rides on the Yarra River, I've been on a couple, they're nice. But the river is rather dirty I'm sorry to say.

      Thanks, I'm glad you liked the poem. I'll check out Tanya's blog for more info and let some friends know :)

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Glad you didn't get stabbed!!! But thanks for risking your life to get us the pics. You could have a future in journalism. Especially with that keen observation about Batman and his preferred nighttime perches. :D

    And I want to play giant Scrabble. Fun.

    1. Oh please, no more journalism! The classes bore me to death and the assignments are annoying... I definitely like creativity. Though I've been told to look into Gonzo journalism as opposed to just regular journalism. Maybe I'll stumble upon Batman one day... Thanks for visiting :D

  3. Hmm, pretty lights and stabbing--you've definitely got a couple of obsessions going there. No, no and no (no). Nice poem! It reminds me a bit of the poetry a man in my writers' group writes.

    1. I'm not too keen on the stabbing, but the pretty lights are always good :D Thanks for looking at the poem. I wish there was a more stable writers group here. Deakin Writers Club hasn't arranged any get togethers for a while... I'd like to be able to meet more people like the man from your writers group.

    2. Maybe the Deakin group just needs someone to take charge of it....

  4. Your outdoor shots are really cool! You have a good eye for photography.
    Always think of safety first!

    1. I wish I had a better camera! Haha :) And yes, safety first...

  5. Sounds like you had a great time. And I love your photos!! They make me want to visit Melbourne again.

    1. I love Melbourne :) You should visit!

  6. Okay, that outdoor Scrabble board is the COOLEST! How fun!


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